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bib2Word07Xml is a small command line application written in C# that lets you export a well-formed .bib TeX bibliography (such as that written in JabRef) and converts it to a Word 2007 bibliography. I would like to thank Fawzi Sdudah for providing the initial inspiration in the form of an AWK script which operates on .bib files, at


  • Download latest release from Releases or compile from latest Source code
  • In command prompt, change to directory holding Bib2Word2007Xml.exe, and type
Bib2Word2007Xml.exe bib-file-here.bib xml-file-here.xml (-d (optional flag,debug mode)) (Win32) OR
./Bib2Word2007Xml.exe bib-file-here.bib xml-file-here.xml (-d (optional flag,debug mode)) (Linux)
  • Depending on your computer speed, the program will complete with 'Done' and there should be an xml file in the location you specified.


  • Parses most .bib keys that have a direct/rough mapping with the Word 2007 XML equivalent (see Limitations)
  • Extracts first name and last name fields which Word 2007 requires based on three common formats for author citations in .bibs
    • Paul Kiddie
    • Kiddie, P.
    • P. Kiddie
This ensures authors are cited properly in documents created with the new XML bibliography.
  • Works with values of .bib keys that wrap onto multiple lines, such as titles that span multiple lines.


  • Only parses a sub set of bib keys: "author", "booktitle", "address","edition","editor","isbn"," "journal","month","number""publisher","school", "volume", "year","comment", "pages", "title".
  • Only parses a subset of bibliographic types: "@ARTICLE", "@BOOK""@INCOLLECTION","@INPROCEEDINGS",,"@MASTERSTHESIS","@PHDTHESIS".

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